Summer Of ‘22 –Break Without Boredom

Summer Of ‘22 –Break Without Boredom

May 02, 2022 By The CONNECT

Eurokids aims to ensure that every child gets an enriched learning experience

MUMBAI, May 2 (The CONNECT) - EuroKids Pre-School, India’s leading pre-school network has rolled out its annual ‘Summer Club’, to engage children constructively without getting bored during the summer break.

With an additional mission this year to help ease toddlers back-to-learning in physical pre-school centres, The EuroKids Summer Club will offer customized activities different age groups such as Wonderers (2 to 4 years) and Discoverers (4 to 6 years).

The Wonderers group will focus on Fictional Friends to give children an opportunity to experience the beautiful world of fiction and inculcate life skills such as being helpful, caring, sharing, taking risks, being positive, confident, creative thinking and social skills through a world of fictional friends.

The second module for the Wonderers is Boredom Busters, which focuses on engaging, entertaining and elevating the children. With the theme of everyday objects and concepts in the environment, the activities are planned to enhance thinking, imagination and problem-solving skills. This module is planned to activate both the left and the right brain, thus developing intuitive, thoughtful, sensitive and creative individuals.

The Discoverers module focuses on the 8Cs are a set of core competencies that will empower children with 21st century skills and attributes such as Caring, Confidence, Control of Emotions, Curiosity, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration.

The second module for the  children in the Discoverers group will focus on Multiple Intelligence, designed to develop diverse abilities such as musical skills, social skills, nature based skills, logical skills, visual spread skills, body kinesthetic skills, linguistic skills, self-regulation skills and life skills. This module would enable a richer learning experience, making learning fun, engaging and rewarding for the Discoverers.

At the onset of the ‘Summer Club’, K V S Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning said, the Summer Club curriculum has been designed to prepare toddlers to learn 21st century skills to make them future ready. With each module, he said, Eurokids aims to ensure that every child gets an enriched learning experience and settles comfortably in the routine to learn in time for the new academic year.

Some of the activities EuroKids will provide to the young children are Puppet shows, interesting kids recipes for cooking, creative art and craft activities, board games, paint a pebble, physical fitness activities etc.