The City New Connect

As urban development intensifies, the problems and issues related to it also multiply. While the Urban planners do their job of setting up housing and other infrastructure, there is a lot that often gets ignored. The Environment, for instance. The so-called City of 21st Century, Navi Mumbai, planned 50 years ago does not have even basic parking space at residential and well as commercial areas. The open spaces reserved for gardens and playgrounds are being converted into real estate properties. The public transport is an ever-challenging issue.

If this is the situation in a planned City like Navi Mumbai, one does not have to imagine the scenario in other cities – old, new and still worse, the unplanned ones.

This is where, an alternative media platforms such as TheCityNewsConnect comes into play.

Let us all connect with each other and work together for a better life in cities – all cities.

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