Steelbird Helmets Ventures into "Baby Toys"

2023-02-07 By NewsVoir

Asias largest helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-tech India, has made a foray into the baby toy segment by launching a premium line of baby walkers and carriers. The company is targeting the rapidly growing baby Toys segment. The Company has earmarked an investment of 25 Cr. in this venture in next 8-10 months.

To begin with Steelbird has launched two models of baby walkers: the Steelbird Baby Walker with Sunshield and 8 Wheels with 360-degree rotation (that helps the baby move freely) and the Steelbird Baby Walker with Push Handle and 6 Wheels with 360-degree rotation.

With fine attention to details, the models are designed to make babys first steps safe and memorable. In addition, Steelbird has also introduced different variants of baby carriers, namely the Elegant Baby Carrier with 4 Carry Positions, the 4 in 1 Royal Baby Carrier, and the 2 in 1 Easy to Wear Baby Carrier. The models have an easily foldable design and can be stored conveniently.

The newly launched products are being retailed at all modern stores and available at online ecommerce platforms as well.

Commented on the Brand's entry into this niche segment Ms. Srishti Kapur, Director, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited said, "Steelbird's entry into baby toys segment is coupled with the years of trust and faith & reputation the brand enjoys across India and even internationally."

"Helmets are protective gear worn on the head to prevent injury in case of an accident or impact. Toys are playthings designed for children to play with. They can be used for entertainment, education, or physical activity. The connection between helmets and toys is that both can be used for safety purposes, with helmets serving to protect the head and toys serving to keep children safe while they play."

"Our endeavour at Steelbird is to offer safety, quality, and comfort to our customers. We are confident that these products will be well received in the market, and for the next six to eight months we will be launching more products, thus increasing our product portfolio for toy making," added Ms Kapur.

Steelbird's Elegant Baby Carrier with 4 Carry Positions features extra-padded, soft cushioning near the headrest to protect and support baby's delicate scalp and sensitive neck area. Wide padded shoulder straps with adjustable back support provide extra cushioning and support. The ergonomic design ensures correct support for the baby's head, back, and hips from birth. It is simple to put on and take off because all adjustments are made with one hand, and it prevents the baby from being carried below the waist. When facing inward, it ensures that the baby gets adequate ventilation. It makes sure that your baby is properly seated in a way to provide support to his/her hips and thighs, which in turn will support the weight of his or her legs. It is intended for children aged 0 to 15 months and can carry up to 15 kilograms. It also has a special pocket provided for baby's (small) accessories.

4 in 1 Carrier by Steelbird lets you carry your baby in four ways: face-in, face-out, cradle position, and back facing-in position. It is made of premium fabric and has a removable and adjustable PE hardboard support with air holes for babys head and neck; a back buckle to hold the shoulder straps together; an adjustable side opening buckle; and adjustable shoulder straps with breathable mesh lining. It is intended for children aged 0 to 12 months, has a front pocket for holding necessary items, and can carry up to 12 kg.

Steelbird's '2 in 1 Easy to Wear Baby carrier is designed in a way that makes it extremely appropriate for the baby and easy to handle by parents. It's easy to wear like a T-shirt but practical enough to support a baby's healthy development. Since physical closeness with the mother is a necessity for a newborn, the carrier helps in the emotional development of both mother and baby, strengthens attachment, and promotes breastfeeding. Steelbirds Easy-to-Wear Baby Carrier is intended to keep baby physically connected to parent for the ultimate "skin to skin" moment. Ergonomic seating ensures correct M-position for the baby's hips and legs and C-position for the baby's back and neck, supporting the healthy development of the baby. The 2 in 1 style allows parents to carry a newborn parent-facing, placing the newborn's head close to the parent's heart for a comforting feel, and then forward-facing when the baby is a little older and ready to grab.