WFH – Wife From Home –  SOS to @hvgoenka

WFH – Wife From Home – SOS to @hvgoenka

September 13, 2021 By The Connect

Twitterati pour in messages – some witty, some serious, very serious!

MUMBAI, Sep 13 (The CONNECT) - RPG Enterprises Chairman Harsh Goenka has a unique problem on hand!

He received a message from an apparently harassed wife of one of his employees due to the WFH – work from home – pressure.

See how the pressure works on this Wife From Home!

“I am the wife of your employee Manoj. This is a humble appeal to allow him to work from office now. He is double vaccinated and will maintain all COVID protocols,” she says.

If work from home continues for some time, she narrates, “our marriage will definitely not work anymore.”

You may wonder what’s the problem. Let her explain: “He drinks coffee ten times a day, sits in different rooms and leaves them in a mess, constantly asks for food. I have even seen him fall asleep during work calls.”

She concludes her message to her husband’s boss: “I already have two children to look after. Seeking your support to get my sanity back.”

Harsh, being a witty and sporting man that he is, tweeted this, message saying “Don’t know how to respond to her”.

The tweet generated 9,000 likes, 1,100 retweets and 640 replies by the latest count.

Twitterati volunteered to help him. @thesushant write: Sir, pls show this to yor wife and ask her how to respond.

@BlackKn59506535 said: Sir you are the Kapil Sharma of twitter .

Desperation! The crushing drudgery of domestic chores. #sharetheload, said @AshwDeshpande.

@jha_bankim tweeted: That's a major concern right now Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat.

@RajibKumarGuin wote: jaab dekho office mein paade rahate hou...and now for past 2 year jaab dekho ghar mein paade rahate's always need to compromise his freedom Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy.

According  to @infosamiksha. This post has been taken as a meme but it's the reality of most of the houses. Women are working round the clock yet don't get the recognition, moreover has to listen at the end of the day "Tum karti kya ho din bhar?"

What are you going to suggest to the business captain