‘The Authentic Yoga’ Book launched

‘The Authentic Yoga’ Book launched

January 26, 2022 By The Connect

Heartfulness launched The Authentic Yoga originally written by P. Y. Deshpande

MUMBAI, Jan 26 (The CONNECT) - Heartfulness launched The Authentic Yoga originally written by P. Y. Deshpande with additional content by Heartfulness guide Kamlesh Patel, popularly known as Daaji.

While many other books on yoga revolve around the aspects of asanas and pranayama as are the most commonly practised, Yoga begins with Niyama and Yama – which is character development and how to lead one’s lifestyle. This is followed by asanas and pranayama which are about physical wellbeing and energetic body, then the contemporary practice of yoga leading to Samadhi. Deshpande takes all of these aspects like Patanjali did, but he does it in a very different way than the yoga gurus and traditions from earlier times.

Daaji said, “The benefits of yoga have been preached time and again. But there is much beyond physical and mental wellness that people need to understand that yoga imparts. There are emotional and spiritual aspects too that yoga elevates one along with character building and very few are aware of this aspect of yoga. To be one within oneself and with the universe is paramount for overall well-being and this is what I have tried to bring into light through this book. The idea was to bring Deshpande’s school of Yoga to modern consciousness. The one chapter that I wrote at the end of the book not only talks about how to take what Deshpande recommended as the proper method of Yoga, but also help people translate it practically in modern-day life. What I have also worked at through this chapter is removing the obstacles and the impediments that people face in achieving the state of Yoga.”