Speedy Recovery From Pandemic Blues

Speedy Recovery From Pandemic Blues

February 28, 2022 By The Connect

YouForrte ties up with over 100 Clubs, 70 Bands and 300 Inspiring Artists

NEW DELHI, Feb 28 (The CONNECT) -  YouForrte, a Freemium platform catering to various genres of performing arts has entered into partnership with more than 70 bands and 300 performing artists who will perform across 100 renowned clubs in Delhi NCR. This alliance will help increase visibility for the emerging talents from various genres of music and accelerate the future of new age performers, by tapping into the entertainment sector. Further this will facilitate opportunities for budding artists and bands to monetize their talents through assistance and mentoring along with providing platforms and avenues for getting noticed by the industry stalwarts.

With some really inspiring stories to showcase, these artists and musicians will perform great compositions to help revive the nightlife scenario in the capital. The Muddat Band, a versatile group of singers and musicians specializing in Classical-Rock Fusion, Sufi and Bollywood Style have already executed more than 100 successful shows across the country. Battalion Band - The Entertainment Army, an absolute all round performer will be seen helping break infamous pandemic isolation at nightclubs and live music venues. YouForrte has also roped in Zuhaib Khan an exceptional Singer, Guitarist and keyboard player who lost his eyesight at the age of 3, hasn’t stopped him from following his passion in music.

Mohit Kaushal,CEO & Founder of YouForrte said, “The pandemic had impacted the club and lounge businesses. As the National Capital revives after the redundant phase, the premises are taking a bespoke route fueled by unbridled desire for growth. By means of innovation and exclusiveness, the route to recovery is witnessing a steady rise. Also, Delhiites are looking forward to a much-needed respite from the usual grind”.

YouForrte recently entered into a strategic partnership with the Mumbai based Institute of Moving Images to support the development of talented performers and help them secure job avenues in the entertainment domain across reputed OTT companies and TV channels.

Youforrte is an open market that provides a wide range of networks to connect with the media and entertainment industry especially for the people looking for jobs and assignments. This platform not only provides reach by exposing the users to showcase their talent but also offering the comfort of their abode. This is a global portal that enables evaluation of all the candidates through their interview skills, practical skills, and the attention that altogether gets displayed on the platform. The platform takes the responsibility to ease the process by providing facilities in recording and assisting projects to perform live in local clubs.