1 yr-old breathes with brain dead’s lung

1 yr-old breathes with brain dead’s lung

August 25, 2021 By The Connect

Multi-specialty  hospital MGM Healthcare has successfully performed a complex bilateral lung transplant

CHENNAI, Aug 25 (The CONNECT) - Multi-specialty  hospital MGM Healthcare has successfully performed a complex bilateral lung transplant on a one-year-old boy from Chennai in what is described as  one of the world’s youngest and India’s youngest to undergo such a surgery.

A 30-member team under the leadership of Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan, Chairman- Cardiac Sciences and Director – Institute of the Heart and Lung Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support, MGM Healthcare successfully performed this procedure on the patient on yesterday.

Dr. Balakrishnan explained, “The patient was diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia and was put on ventilator from birth as his oxygen saturation was extremely low. It was extremely challenging for us to transplant the lungs as there was size mismatch between the donor and the recipient.

Dr. Suresh Rao K.G, Co-Director of Heart and Lung Transplantation Programme & Mechanical Circulatory Support, said, “As the child lungs were not recovering, we did not have any other option other than a bilateral lung transplantation. The child was fortunate to get a pair of lungs from a braindead pediatric patient. This is the one of the youngest children on whom we have done a lung transplant. The child is stable in the ICU.”

“It is a testimony to the sincerity and skill of our nurses in Chennai that this child is alive today. It is a Herculean task anywhere in the world to perform dual-lung transplant on such a small child without any complications,” Dr. Balakrishnan said.

The child’s parents thanked the clinical team led by Dr. Balakrishnan and Dr Suresh Rao for giving their son a fresh lease of life.

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