Neral-Karjat Belt To Be Infra Hub - Fadanivis

Neral-Karjat Belt To Be Infra Hub - Fadanivis

October 08, 2022 By The CONNECT

Centre of gravity changing fast with infra boom, says Hiranandani

MUMBAI, Oct 8 (The CONNECT) – The Maharashtra Government plans to develop infrastructure, knowledge-based industries and research centers around the Neral-Karjat region, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said.

The government ha already initiated several projects much of which would be completed by within a year or so, Fadnavis said in a video recorded message to the Manthan - Affordable City Initiative, organised by Neral-Karjat chapter of NREDCO.

Fadnavis added that the four lanes of Kalyan Badlapur would be extended to Karjat station to facilitate more local service to the growing population.

Speaking to the delegates through a video link, S V R Srinivas, Additional Chief Secretary & Metropolitan Commissioner- MMRDA, pointed out that the residents of the MMR regions are living in one of the best times. “A lot of infrastructure projects like the Mumbai-Trans Harbour Link project and the Metro projects are either complete or at the completion stage. This would also free a lot of land for development,” he said.

Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, National Vice Chairman, NAREDCO stated that due to a lot of infrastructure activities undertaken by the government, the centre of gravity is constantly shifting. “Imagine, it took almost 60 years to develop 190 kms of railways, but in the next 5 years almost 300 kms of Metro rail would be set up. Due to such activities a lot of land would be opened for development,” he said.

Gautam Thacker, Chairman, NAREDCO Neral-Karjat, said that there is a huge shortage of affordable housing in the country.

“With growing urbanization, the idea is not just to provide cheap houses, but also to provide the infrastructure associated with it. So, people should be able to travel to the places of employment at ease. This was the idea behind organizing Manthan whereby we invited all the stakeholders like policymakers, town planners, and property developers to deliberate on ways to ease the issues faced by the people of Mumbai,” he said.

Thacker informed that the idea is to develop a carbon neutral region with the proper infrastructure and connected to multi-nodal points which would offer smooth connectivity to the residents there.

On the occasion, a report by NAREDCO-Knight Frank titled ‘Brick by Brick: Reimagining Affordable Mumbai’ was also launched. According to the report, Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) recorded a significant demand-supply gap for affordable housing.

The report cited that MMR registered high demand for affordable housing units with 67% of the demand concentration being registered for units less than Rs 2.5 million. The demand concentration for housing units in the range of Rs 2.5 – 5.0 million was recorded at 13% and units above Rs 5 million at 20%.

Despite the strong interest in this segment, the affordable housing supply has not been able to cater to the demand. The supply of housing units above Rs 5 million recorded the highest concentration at 44% followed by units in the range of Rs 2.5 – 5 million at 34%. The supply concentration for housing units less than Rs 2.5 million was recorded the lowest at 22%, clearly showcasing the huge supply gap for urban affordable housing in the region.

President of NAREDCO Neral-Karjat Dinesh Doshi said that the mantra today is to focus on affordable housing.