Miles Of Signs For Last Mile Heroes Smiles

Miles Of Signs For Last Mile Heroes Smiles

October 28, 2022 By The CONNECT

Crematorium Workers ensured dignity in death for many COVID victims, said VC Sajjanar, VC and MD of TSRTC

HYDERABAD, Oct 27 (The CONNECT) – A unique signature contest has been launched to raise funds for the unsung heroes of COVID years – the funeral workers.

VC Sajjanar, VC and MD of TSRTC, launched the contest by submitting his own entry on Wednesday. "It’s a noble initiative to felicitate funeral workers of #Hyderabad who did a selfless service to humanity during the #COVID19 pandemic. Kudos JCI Buddhapurnima, Hyderabad for organising the event," Sajjanar said in a tweet.

Crematorium Workers ensured dignity in death for many COVID victims, said Sajjanar. For many, losing loved ones to Corona meant was not even been able to say a final goodbye. But, these workers rose to the occasion risking their lives.

Social service club JCI Budhapurnima, which organized the contest, aims to provide succor and alleviate the suffering of 4000 funeral workers at nearly 500 crematoriums and graveyards in Hyderabad and adjoining areas living in abject poverty, deprived of a dignified life said Rakesh Dhannarapu, President, JCIBPH. “We intend to support the school education of their children, their health insurance, improvements in their working conditions and their safety through the funds raised,” he said.

Rakesh explained that the Best Signature Contest is a novel concept. To participate via online, please visit   People interested may participate with a contribution of a minimum of Rs 500 and submit three unique signatures which will be judged by a panel of judges comprising of a banker, a graphologist, a calligrapher, a forgery expert, a police and a celebrity. The judging parameters are coherence to the name of the person (whether we can read the name from the signature or not); strokes that are used to depict the signature; the complexity of the signature to avoid easy forgery; signature which is steady, uniform and also beautiful.

The winners will get with Rs 25000/-; Rs 15000/-; Rs 10,000/- as first, second, and third prizes respectively, courtesy the contest partners Medihauxe Pharma Pvt. Ltd; Senior Experts, Sri Dhanalaxmi Enterprises. Five consolation prizes of Rs 1000/-each will also be given. The initiative is partnered with several organizations such as T-Hive, eGalleria Mall; Rotract Club, Hyderabad East; SecunderabadRotract; KCGF Budhapurnima; Lodge Keys No. 297; PR Creatives; Wow Villages Rural Tourism Vlog.

For more details and forms for participation, please get in touch with Santosh on 903120 01980, Sailesh on 9951143775 or Mahitha on 8179740415