Love Shorts are back on Radio City

Love Shorts are back on Radio City

February 12, 2022 By The Connect

Over the last 20 years, Love Guru has touched and united many hearts, said Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City.

MUMBAI, Feb 11 (The CONNECT) - Radio City gets ready to celebrate the month of love with season 3 of ‘Love Shorts’.

Radio City’s one of the longest running show Love Guru will feature a curated list of seven mesmerizing love stories in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day on 14th February. Love Guru will spearhead Valentine’s Day campaign on air from 9 pm onward.

Radio City, a part of Music Broadcast Limited (MBL) is a subsidiary of Jagran Prakashan Ltd. Being the first FM radio broadcaster in India and with over 20 years of expertise in the radio industry, Radio City has consistently been the number one radio station in Bengaluru and Mumbai with 14.8% and 24.9% average listenership share respectively.

Enabling couples to share their feeling on air, Love Shorts has become a popular destination for all things related to love and applauds the stories that flourished especially during 2020-21

To set the tone for the Valentine’s Day campaign, Radio City will play love songs and romantic melodies for its listeners and promote Love Shorts across other shows as well. Starting 1st February, Love Guru has started inviting love stories from listeners, of which 7 fascinating stories will be shortlisted and featured as Love Shorts. These Love Shorts will be short 5-10 minute long radio films that will be aired every day on the Love Guru show from 8th February to 14th February. Love Guru will also recount wishes and narrate experiences of how the show positively impacted numerous love stories of couples from across the country. The special night out with Love Guru on 14th February will carry love anecdotes and romantic recommendations in his renowned enigmatic style.

Recounting the successful journey of Love Guru, Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City said, “Over the last 20 years, Love Guru has touched and united many hearts with his love advices and heartfelt voice. This legendary show has impacted millions of listeners ranging from those who have reached out to Love Guru to seek support regarding their relationship dilemmas and couple conflicts. The longest running show has been able to connect innately with the pan India audience who have enjoyed his perspectives on love, relationships and romantic endeavors. Love Guru will host its 3rd season of Love Shorts and celebrate some intriguing and romantic love stories with 7 short radio films in the run-up to Valentine's Day. We are proud to see Love Shorts continue its legacy by ascribing words to tales that define the power of love.”