Look beyond Mumbai, there’s MMR

Look beyond Mumbai, there’s MMR

August 27, 2021 By The Connect

Without incorporation MMR, Aditya Thackeray unveils Mumbai Climate Action Plan

MUMBAI, Aug 27 (The CONNECT) - “While many of us believe that we have the luxury of time in climate change action, it is a false notion, said Maharashtra Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray.

“This is the time to act. We must go beyond messaging and make climate change action our policy mission and personal habit, ensuring its implementation,” Thackeray said in his tweet announcing the Mumbi Climate Action Plan (MCAP)

With City projected to be under water by 2050, the State government and the city civic body have Environment Department has launched a Mumbi Climate Action Plan (MCAP) to serve as a roadmap and a systematic framework.

But the planners appeared to be concerned about only Mumbai as the government action plan does not consider Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

The MCAP, Thackeray tweeted, will focus on building the city and moving the citizens toward climate resilient and sustainable development, ensuring adaptation and mitigation.

But the government action plan does not consider Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

It appears to a half-baked plan full of high-sounding phrases with little ground plan. The planners do not apparently realise that no climate action for Mumbai can be complete without covering the Mumbai Metropolitan region. 

Mumbai city has reached its peak, not now; but long, long ago.

MCAP talks about housing density that is also causing climate related issues. cannot be reduced. The lopsided development of Central Mumbai is already showing its results. Day in and day out they are only concretising the ground while creating concrete jungles. No place for water to seep into the ground. What kind of rain water harvesting are we talking about? There are no plans for new and alternative energy, either.

We call for a comprehensive climate action plan for the entire MMR.

The plan is being prepared with data and inputs from 18 MCGM Departments, 25 external bodies across: State Ministries, Central Departments & Private Companies.

Details of MCAP: Enough Of Talk, Time For Climate Action