Kondapur well sends water positive message

Kondapur well sends water positive message

August 31, 2021 By The Connect

TEDxHyderabadSalon celebrates the restoration with event - Creating Water Positive Cities

HYDERABAD, Aug 31 (The CONNECT) – Kondapur well in Hyderabad was a dump-yard not very long ago. It was also a constant source of pollution. But now the place has undergone a massive transformation – it is a much-sought-after place now as it has been rejuvenated and totally transformed with the efforts of Kalpana Ramesh, known as the Water Woman of Telangana. She is one of the seven women achievers who took over PM Modi's social media accounts on the Women's Day - the honour Prime Minister Modi bestowed on them.

TEDxHyderabadSalon celebrated the restoration with an event on Sunday based on Creating Water Positive Cities at the well site which now has a mini-amphitheatre.

Water positive is very important because of its severe scarcity.  The twin cities and the planet are in danger of running out of water. Human beings are consuming more natural resources than they are supposed to be doing. This year’s quota of natural resources are already consumed as of July.

Thought leaders such as Veeramalla Prakash Rao - Chairman of Telangana Water Resources Development Corporation and supervises Department of TS Ground Water and Walamtari; Dr MV Murthy – Hydrogeologists and CEO of ekoknowledge.net and MV Rama Chandrudu – Environmental planner and chemical-free life advocate participated and deliberated on the theme. 

As Veeramalla Prakash Rao got up to speak on the water positivity, it started raining as if nature was responding! Undeterred, he continued to speak and was drenched.  He won a loud applause.

With groundwater touching alarmingly low levels, the consumption has to be judicious.  The best way to sensitise consumption patterns is to measure the usage of water. Without measurement, there can be no minimization, opined Dr Murthy.

Rama Chandrudu emphasized how critical it was for individuals to take the onus of saving water and inspiring people around them to do as well. He also shared how he has stopped using harsh chemicals at his home thereby making it easier to recycle water.

The TEDxSalon events are meant to engage local communities and inspire action to bring about change. 

“It was truly heart-warming to see everyone react with so much positivity, on seeing change and how everyone felt responsible for wanting to bring in small little changes, themselves”, said Kalpana Ramesh