Hyderabad’s 1st Vegan food mela on Sunday

Hyderabad’s 1st Vegan food mela on Sunday

December 01, 2021 By The Connect

People are looking to be happy vegetarians, this unique expo helps them to explore more options,  said Rupa Obulreddigari of Alt Mart

HYDERABAD, Dec 01 (The CONNECT) - Hyderabad’s First-Ever Vegan Market to be held at Phoenix Area, Hi-Tech City in Madhapur on Sunday. Vegan Market is an exhibition of plant-based food items.

It is the first of its kind plant-based market to be organised jointly by Alt Mart & Enya, the women led Vegan startups and passionate Vegans who believe in a more compassionate world-one that is animal, health and planet friendly.

Alt Mart is founded by Rupa Obulreddigari is a one-stop Vegan e-commerce market place that services pan Indian markets.  Enya is a dairy alternatives brand and cloud kitchen founded by Pranavi Pangnuri and Vishwatej that aims to change the way people perceive Veganism

It will be organised in association with Beyond Meat, Vijay Sweets (who shot into fame for introducing veganised Mysorepak), Vegan First (an online vegan portal in India, a one-stop solution to going vegan), People For Animals (India’s largest animal welfare organisations), The Weekend Café (the health food cuisine restaurant, a vegan cafe), AWBP Trust (a non-profit organisation that connect people to animals so that animals get water round the clock), and Hyderabad Save etc.  

Food habits, eating trends are changing rapidly across the globe and the industry is going through lots of innovations and people have been looking at healthier options when they eat out.

“People are looking to be happy vegetarians. This unique expo helps them to explore more options”,  said Rupa Obulreddigari.

“Animal and planet-friendly products are the order of the day which is core to our business,” says Pranavi Pangnuri and Vishwatej Muddu, the co-host of Vegan Market and founder of Enya, a local Vegan startup. Vegan food startups, meatless meat startups are changing the food industry and saving the world now, she adds.  

Nearly 20% of the world population is vegetarian now. More millennials have tried alternative proteins. Meat looking meat is now a popular choice. It is on the rise. In just one year, plant-based meat went from something very few Americans had heard of to something that 40 per cent have tried. 

A series of surveys and findings reveal that eating quality plant-based food lowers the risk of death by 30%. A plant-based diet reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 40%.