Happiness After Bariatric Surgery For Silver Citizen

Happiness After Bariatric Surgery For Silver Citizen

May 15, 2023 By The CONNECT

Obesity has become a pandemic in our society, Dr Shashank Shah of Lilavati Hospital says

MUMBAI, May 15 (The CONNECT) – A 62-year-old lady underwent bariatric surgery at Lilavati Hospital here and lost 35 kg within a year.

Dr Shashank Shah, Bariatric surgeon performed the surgery on Parvathi Venugopalan who weighed 136 Kg.

After struggling for years with her weight, Parvathi was able to achieve her goal with the help of a medical team that specializes in weight loss surgeries. She felt empowered and confident enough to walk to the world famous Jagannath Temple in Puri, India, independently.

Parvathi’s journey began when, after many years of trying various diets and treatments she couldn’t reduce her excess weight. She started experiencing thigh, foot, and hip swelling and was unable to walk, put her feet by herself on the bed. Slowly, she lost her independence as she couldn’t walk. In 2020, she started walking with the help of a supports, but was finding difficulties even walking in the house.

During the lockdown, her family used to assist her. Ultimately, they decided to opt for a weight loss surgery after consultation with Dr Shah. The surgical procedure was successful, and within months Parvathi was able to shed around 35 kgs from her body weight. This was a remarkable achievement for someone of her age, as it is far more difficult for older people to lose weight than younger ones.

Dr Shah said, “On arrival, she was in a wheelchair. She was known to have severe sleep apnea and swelling in her legs. She couldn’t sit, stand or move or even wear clothes on her own. On seeing the patient, we advised her to opt for weight loss surgery to get that much-needed relief. In the first 10 days, she lost 10 kg. Her leg swelling has disappeared and her sleep apnea came under control. Her first great accomplishment after the surgery was visiting the world-famous Jagannath Temple in Puri - an impressive feat considering it was only recently she could walk independently. She completed this journey without any external support or aid and has been lauded for setting an example for others looking to make positive changes in their lives.”

“Obesity has become a pandemic in our society, and it is mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead. We often spend too much time in front of the TV or Mobile instead of engaging in physical activity; this lack of exercise has been linked to the increase in obesity. Furthermore, another major contributor to this pandemic is the consumption of junk food; many people choose these unhealthy foods as a quick and easy way to satisfy their hunger cravings. Lastly, stress can also be a cause for weight gain as some people turn to comfort eating when they are feeling overwhelmed. Not only does obesity have serious health implications such as an increased risk for heart diseases and stroke, but it can also affect an individual’s social life. Obesity is rapidly becoming the leading cause of preventable death in the country. It is leading to cardiovascular, kidney, lung, and liver problems in people of all age groups. Weight loss surgery can be a boon for overweight and obese patients,” added Dr Shah.

Post successful weight loss surgery Parvathi Venugopalan said “My increased weight interfered with my daily routine. I wasn’t able to do any activity on my own.  I started losing hope and was disheartened. But, my life changed for the better after weight loss surgery. I feel energetic, and fresh and was able to put my feet on bed by myself as earlier I needed the help of my family members.  This is nothing but a miracle that I could lose weight and do all my activities with ease. Now, after a year of bariatric surgery, I have lost around 25 kgs, and I am still losing.” 

“I love traveling and visiting ancient temples which I have started again. I could even climb and walk up to Shree Jagannatha Temple, Puri independently which was a dream come true for me. I want to thank Dr Shashank Shah and his team as this was possible due to the successful bariatric surgery that I could move freely again. I am fit and independent now and satisfied with the surgery results. Dr Shashank Shah and his team at Lilavati Hospital have made my life better” concluded the elated patient Parvathi Venugopalan.