Gift-A-Livelihood Covers 275, Targets 500

Gift-A-Livelihood Covers 275, Targets 500

October 27, 2022 By The CONNECT

“Our target is to help 500 small business people. We have helped 275 so far,” said communication professional D Ramchandram, who is coordinating the project

HYDERABAD, Oct 27 (The CONNECT) – In all Fifty poor, Covid Widows, divorcees, petty traders, street vendors, self-employed given tools, implements, sewing machine to regain their last livelihood. due to various reasons. This was the 8th round of the Gift-a-Livelihood organised on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Lodge Secunderabad 211, a primary unit of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world. It unites men of good character who, though of different religious, ethnic or social backgrounds, share a belief in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mankind.

Everyone suffered due to covid for two years, this is the year of gratitude for who worked selflessly and lost everything, said communication professional D Ramchandram.  “Our target is to help 500 small business people. We have helped 275 so far,” he said coordinating the project.

The beneficiaries include somebody who wants to set up a Tea-Stall; Bangles Store, Stationary Shop, Isthri Shop (pressing clothes), Tailorshop, Tiffin Center or a carpenter, electrician, carpenter, scooter mechanic, plumber  who needs tools or a homemaker who wants to do tailoring work from home earn extra money to support the family etc

 The 50 beneficiaries include 18 women from Rudrur village in Nizamabad District (200kms away from Hyderabad).  Some of these women comprised widows who lost their husbands during the covid, or divorcees or young girls who wanted to support their family financially.  A 45-day tailoring class is being run for them with the support of Wow Villages, a rural tourism promotion vlog.  After completion of training sewing machines are being handed over to them

Genuinely poor traders in need of help may apply on Whatsapp 8616893489 for help to be extended in further legs of Gift-A-Livelihood program