Fisherfolk cut nets to save protected marine species

Fisherfolk cut nets to save protected marine species

January 22, 2022 By The Connect

Mangrove Cell appreciates fishing communty for conserving biodiversity

MUMBAI, Jan 22 (The CONNECT) - Recognising the fishermen comunity’s important role in the conservation of marine biodiversity in Maharashtra, the State government has rewarded them with Rs 5 lakh as compensation.

The compensation Scheme was launched in December 2018 by the State Forest Department and State Fisheries Department of Maharashtra To promote sustainable fisheries and fishery conservation activities of fishermen.

Applications from 38 fishermen of Palghar and Thane districts have been received by the Mangrove Cell for cutting their fishing nets in order to release a marine animal species which are protected under the Wildlife (Protection) Act.

Last week these cases were investigated by Mangrove Cell and compensatory amount of Rs. 5,35,000 has been released to the fishermen.

Among the 38 cases, 26 Olive Ridley turtles, 6 Whale sharks, 2 Guitarfishes, 1 Green Sea turtle, 1 Hawksbill turtle and 1 Finless Porpoise have been rescued and released by the Fishermen.

In the current financial year (2021-2022), total 86 cases from Palghar, Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts were processed by the Mangrove Cell and Rs. 11,52,500 has been released to the fishermen.

Since December 2018, a total of 264 cases have been received of which 253 fishermen have been compensated for safely releasing the protected animals into the sea and a total compensation amount of Rs. 40,78,050 has been released to fishermen till date.