Ek Raquet… to keep that Machhar Away

Ek Raquet… to keep that Machhar Away

October 30, 2021 By The Connect

Rentokil PCI unveils Anti- Mosquito Racquet to keep diseases like Malaria, Dengue & Zika at bay

MUMBAI, Oct 30 (The CONNECT) - The World Health Organization places mosquitoes among the top threats to public health, especially in developing countries. Research shows that mosquitoes are responsible for 830,000 human deaths annually. Controlling mosquito-transmitted diseases must therefore be a priority, requiring government supervision, but also the involvement of civil society, the private sector and participation of the general public.

Keeping these in mind, Rentokil PCI unveils a one-of-its-kind Anti-Mosquito Racquet.

The Made in India racquet is Conformitè Europëenne (CE) certified and comes with a 6 months warranty. It comes with UV light mode allowing you to kill mosquitoes in the dark and can cover a larger area. The batteries are also BIS certified and the racquet’s internal battery management system prevents

For more information, contact Rentokil PCI on 1800-212-212-5.

them from overheating. Last but not least, its ABS body makes it robust and durable.

David Lewis, MD of Rentokil PCI said: “The festive season is upon us. But it also means the arrival

of unwelcome insects such as houseflies, dung flies and mosquitos that can spread disease through food and surfaces. The Anti-Mosquito Racquet will assist in dealing with these insects.”

The Anti-Mosquito Racquet will be available at a store near you in the coming weeks.

The Rentokil PCI teams are highly trained and have over 65 years of experience. With a nationwide presence, Rentokil PCI ensures adherence to the highest standards of safety compliance and regulations - thereby Protecting Your World from the harms of pests. Consumers across India can expect 100% safe, trusted, and effective products and services for their premises.

PS: The headline is with apologies to Nana Patekar! - Editor