Howzzat! 10,00,000 dialyses and a global record

Howzzat! 10,00,000 dialyses and a global record

November 08, 2021 By The Connect

BMJRFT founded by 16 like-minded Jain friends in 2009 has been offering Dialysis at Rs 300 as against Rs 1200 to Rs 3000 charged in many hospitals

HYDERABAD Nov 8 (The CONNECT) – Hyderabad-based NGO Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Relief Foundation Trust (BMJRFT) has created a world record by completing ten lakh dialyses. It crossed this milestone on October 14, informed P.C. Parakh.

The Trust founded by 16 like-minded Jain friends in 2009 has been offering Dialysis at Rs 300 as against Rs 1200 to Rs 3000 charged in many hospitals.  It has 189 dialysis machines doing close to 500 dialyses sessions daily. The service is offered at eight different locations and five associate hospitals in Hyderabad and one in Jangaon. 

The locations where subsidized dialysis is offered are King Kothi Government Hospital, Mahavir Hospital, AC Guards- Masabtank; Ramdev Rao Memorial Hospital, Kukkatpally;  Gurunanak Medical Centre, Gurudwara, Secunderabad; Zoi Hospital, Attapur; Challa Hospital, Ameerpet;  Indo American Hospital, Malakpet and Community Health Center, Aler

The trust is head by  Mr P.C. Parakh as Chairman.  The 16 friends include Gautam Chand Chordia, Satish Khivsara, Inder Chand Jain, RikabParak,  Rajender KumarDugur, Swaroop Chand Khotari, Ashok Kothari, Sunil Pahade, Suresh Surana, Vinod Kimtee, Shanti Bhai Shah, Prashant Shrimal, Hanumanmal Nakhat, Mahavir Kumar Patny, Sushil Kapadia.  

Besides subsidized dialyses, BMJRFT also provides injections required to maintain hemoglobin and iron levels at prices that are very affordable. It has been supplying 14,000 injections a month.

It continued its service during the Covid without any interruption.  Post Covid the trust dedicated a 10-machine facility, with separate staff, exclusively for such Covid-recovered patients. 

This model is also replicated at 14 different locations outside Telangana by some other organizations. The trust has provided technical support to them. It plans to start three more centers in Hyderabad one at Suchitra, second at Cherlapally and one will be in Secunderabad

A patient who has undergone over 1500 dialyses is hale and hearty. One Ajai Agarwal has gone through 1560 dialyses sessions.   

Throughout the Corona pandemic, when many private hospitals stopped providing dialysis services, every one of the Trust canters worked without interruption to ensure that no patient lost his or her life due to denial of treatment. Government regulations did not permit us to offer dialysis for patients who had tested positive for Covid-19. They had no option but to go to government hospitals. However, after the patients recovered and tested negative, private hospitals began to charge up to Rs.8,000 per dialysis session.