Robotic Pet That Doesn’t Scare You!

Robotic Pet That Doesn’t Scare You!

December 31, 2023 By The CONNECT

HYDERABAD, Dec 31 (The CONNECT) – A 6th grade student has come out with a robotic pet dog amid the news of a as a delivery boy’s death by jumping from a high-rise after getting scared by a pet is making news in the city.

Telangana CM  Revanth Reddy handed over a cheque of Rs 2 lakh to the kin of Swiggy boy who was chased by a pet dog.

Meanwhile, Netra Singh of class six of St Peter’s High-School, Bowenpally came out with a different approach to pets and developed a Robotic Pet.

She showcased her invention and spoke about it to a gathering of 1,000-plus comprising parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, guests and peers.

Robotic pets can help solve loneliness and give mental support, she said.  Especially post-COVID pet adoption has gone up and so also the cost of maintaining pets.

“I am still working on it.  As of now, it is my idea,” Netra said. She will seek professional mentoring to make it a commercial product.

Her School Principal Dr K Suvaran said though the product development is still in a nascent stage, Robotic Pet is an idea worth exploring.