Now a Teacher App

Now a Teacher App

September 06, 2021 By The Connect

The Teacher App offers a premier classroom experience, says Subbarao Siddabatula, Founder & CEO, Practically

MUMBAI, Sep 6 (The CONNECT) -  Practically that claims to be India’s first experiential learning app designed to make learning immersive for students of classes 6-12 has launched a teacher app as a part of the Practically School Solution (PSS) suite on the occasion of Teachers’ Day.

The Teacher App offers a premier classroom experience with easy and user-friendly features to promote better interaction and engagement with students. Teachers can conduct classes via app or the teacher web portal depending upon their convenience. Moreover, apart from school teachers, any teaching professional across the world can enable their offline and online classes and benefit from highly immersive and engaging content via the solution, absolutely free.

Subbarao Siddabatula, Founder & CEO, Practically said, “The all in one integrated app and revamped teacher web portal offers a complete solution catered to the academic needs of teachers and students for an engaging classroom experience. Through this platform, we are delivering the best learning experience that enables better student-teacher interface, higher attention spans and better learning outcomes. The app will help teachers use immersive visuals, storytelling techniques and analytics to ensure concept clarity with instant doubt resolution thus making both online and physical classes more engaging and effective.”