Hand-made products survive machine-made challenge

Hand-made products survive machine-made challenge

October 11, 2021 By The Connect

Organiser Aabha Mirza says handmade products are green as they are made by hand and consume less energy.

HYDERABAD, Oct 11 (The CONNECT) -   Demand for handmade products never dies even in the world of readymade, machine-made and ready-to-print 3D Digital world, said Aabha Mirza, curator of the home-based products and exhibition organiser. 

Speaking to media after the inauguration of FAFF (Fifth Avenue Fashion and Flea), an exhibition of home-based products, she pointed out yesterday that handmade products are green as they are made by hand and consume less energy. Studies after studies found that shifting just 10 percent of consumer spending in a particular area to locally-owned businesses would create hundreds of new jobs and generate lakhs of rupees in earnings.

“Several experiments proved that people value handmade products more because there is some feeling in them. They are considered more authentic. Consumers value handmade products more. Even products like handmade coffee taste better when prepared by hand rather than machine-made ready to cook products,” she said.

Fifth Avenue Event Management company conceptualised the unique venue for home-based and local small businesses.

FAFF was a one-day Flea Market held at Hitex to provide a platform and to give filling to home-based, local and small businesses, informed Aabha. The exhibition had 100 plus stalls.

The cause was e-waste drive. FAFF is tied up with Sustainaholics, a community of ecological warriors.

Former Infosys employee-turned-home entrepreneur Divya Shree, a mother of a child, started Dwelloncrafts. Her resin jewellery and home decor products are sold all over the world on etsy.com, an American e-commerce company focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. She sold 130 plus handmade mini chess pieces all over the world made of Resin. She was the top seller on etsy. Now she has launched her products in the domestic market. 

Payal Jain a 25 years old B.Com graduate set up her small venture called PSquare Creations 2 years back with an investment of Rs 40,000/-, which she recovered. She made all kinds of handmade creative works/art pieces, designer wall clocks, Navkar Mantra Photo Frames, and Unique Wedding Gifts. 

Her products were masterpieces that attracted a lot of crowds. She wants to set up her own museum. She had a lot of takers for her products and she has already sold well over 100 pieces.  

Handmade is so special to me said Pooja Swapnika of 'Shapz'. A fashion designer turned home entrepreneur.

Sheetala of Saka Organics who is still in school has come out with many sustainable products such as earbuds without using plastics, toothbrushes, natural scrubs. natural cosmetics etc. Sindhu of BonBon, a home baker, exhibited home-based bakery products.